Food Vacuum Seal Bags


Cross Cut Sealing – Heavy Duty & Airtight – Keeps Food Fresh 5 times longer – Presealed on 3 sides – Freezer Cook In Bag – 1 Pack of 100 Bags (8″x12″)

  • KEEP YOUR FOOD FRESH FOR LONGER – These 8” x 12” vacuum sealer bags are thick and durable, and offer a unique feature that promises food fresh goodness. Each bag has an embossed, cross cut micro-channel pattern that allows for maximum air extraction. Because the cross cut pattern allows all the air to be removed and forms an airtight seal, keeping your sealed food fresher up to five times longer than alternative storage methods is fast and efficient.
  • AS FRESH AS THE DAY YOU BOUGHT IT – The airtight, locking seal formed by these bags stops food spoilage dead in it’s tracks. So there will be no more bland tasting, freezer burnt meat with layers of ice crystals, or soggy, wilting and vegetables. When you seal a steak and thaw it months later, it will be as juicy and delicious as it was the day you brought it home.
  • COOK IT RIGHT IN THE BAG – These bags were created to make sealing, storing, and even thawing and cooking as painless and hassle-free as possible. Because they’re commercial grade and 100 % BPA Free, you can thaw and even COOK food right in the bag, without having to worry about plastics or other harmful chemicals (like BPA) leaching into your fresh, nutritious food.
  • SAVE MORE THAN JUST MONEY – They’ll help leftovers and sealed foods retain flavor and nutritional integrity. But they’re also very thick, and highly durable – so you don’t have to worry about them tearing, getting easily punctured, or bursting at the seams when you use them. Sealing your food with these cross cut micro-channel bags is hassle free, and will save you time and money.
  • YOU’RE GUARANTEED TO LOVE IT, WE PROMISE – If for any reason, you aren’t happy with your Vacuum Seal Bags, just send them back to us for a prompt and full refund. We want to help make life easier – by putting the best sealing bag in your hands on the market today. If you don’t feel like we have done that, let us know and we’ll send each and every penny right back to you. So Order Now, knowing that your purchase is protected with our Money Back Guarantee.
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